The Time Bud Selig Said He’d Stand Up Against Asshole Albert Belle



And here you thought that Bud Selig going after ARod with a massive suspension was the highlight of his commissioner days.

Bud was in his second season as acting MLB commissioner when a letter hit his desk from the family of Erich Meier.

Meier (dje_rich) explains:

Letter I got from the commissioner of baseball after I got cussed out by Albert Belle for asking for an autograph

Of course Bud jumped into action. This was one of his fans being blasted by Belle and he wasn’t going to take it. He was going to have a chat with Joey about this horrendous incident. He would put a stop to any such further action from Joey.

It didn’t help.


Before Game 3 of the World Series against Atlanta, Belle yelled at reporters to leave the dugout area, and when NBC’s Storm refused to move, he screamed profanities at her, leaving her shaken. Four months later, Commissioner Bud Selig fined Belle a record $50,000 for his actions.

Never forget Bud’s words: “All of us in Baseball have a very strong obligation to provide leadership and to set the type of example that will make our society better.”

Uh huh.


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