Green Bay Fan Kelley Sent Us Some Packers Boobs



We received an email from Kelley earlier:

Hello Joe,
Any room on your site for these?

So of course I asked her a few questions because we don’t just post boob photos without context.

How long have you been a Packers fan?

Kelley: I’ve been a fan of the team overall for at least ten years, but a Brett Favre fan long before that. I’m also a shareholder and plan on attending this year’s shareholder meeting in Green Bay (whenever they get around to posting the details).

Better GB QB: Favre or Rodgers?

Kelley: The Favre vs. Rodgers debate is ongoing for me. Favre’s records hold strong and Rogers hasn’t caught up yet, especially on the MVP level (I know there’s still time), so when I’ll look back at their careers after Rodgers has retired then I believe the debate will have its natural conclusion.  I can tell you that when Favre’s throws were intercepted they always hit me in the gut much harder than Rodgers’ picks and I think Favre’s arm was amazing. It’s hard to compare the bullet-like way in which he threw.  So, on an emotional level (I’m a girl after all), I’d say Favre gave me more reasons to be emotionally invested in his game.  On the looks level, however, Rodgers has him beat ;)!

Any boob flashing stories from Packers games that you’d like to share?

Kelley: The only boob-flashing stories I have are during the Grand Prix in Long Beach, but that was so long ago it hardly applies here.

Favorite Packers memory?

Kelley: The best Packer’s memory for me has to be the first game Favre played after his dad died (which ties into what I wrote above).

Are you a proud sports fan who is proud of your team and your boobs? Let us know.


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