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Bob Knight Seemed Real F**king Happy In St. Louis This Weekend


Bob Knight is now 73 and his ass is still flying around the country to call college basketball games. And, from the look of things, he f**king hates it. W0uld rather be doing anything else in life than being around other people, especially people in St. Louis.

Bob had color duties for Saturday’s game against VCU.

That means Bob got to town a day early, ate a meal, shook a few hands he didn’t want to shake and took a couple Instys with assholes he didn’t want to take photos with.

Bob Knight has had enough of your f**king cameras and it’s starting to look like he’s had enough bullshit from college basketball. Retirement is near.


Happy-Bob-Knight-5 Happy-Bob-Knight-2 Happy-Bob-Knight-1 Happy-Bob-Knight-3

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