30 Most Gruesome Sports Injuries of All Time



During the 2013 NCAA Tournament, Louisville’s Kevin Ware made an attempt to block a shot. On his way up the only thing he was worried about was making the defensive stop but when he landed, his life changed. He suffered a compound fracture to his right leg but the entire injury was caught on tape and remains one of the nastiest leg injuries in sports history.

And then Anderson Silva, likely ending his career, snapped his leg like a twig when attempted a kick during his fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 168.

Athletes spend their entire lives working towards one goal, being the best. So along the way, injuries happen, some worse than others. From broken legs to slit throats, we have found 30 of the most gruesome sports injuries of all time.

(If you have a weak stomach, do not attempt to watch the videos. NSFW)

30. Jason Heyward – Broken Jaw

29. Shaun Livingston – PCL, MCL, and ACL Tear

28. Greg Louganis – Forehead Gash

27. E.J. Henderson – Broken Leg

26. Monica Seles – Stabbing

25. Evander Holyfield – Ear Biten Off

24. Devon Walker – Broken Neck

23. Janos Baranyai – Dislocated Elbow

22. Tim Hudson – Broken Ankle

21. Marc Mariani – Broken Leg

20. Brandon McCarthy – Brain Contusion, Fractured Skull, and Epidural Hemorrhage

19. Allen Ray – Eye Injury

18. Corey Hill – Broken Leg

17. Derrick Roland – Broken Leg

16. Idong Ibok – Dislocated Elbow

15. Joe Theismann – Comminuted Compound Fracture

14. Marcus Lattimore – Torn ACL, PCL, and MCL

13. Eric Legrand – Broken Neck

12. Patrick Edwards  – Compound Fracture

11. Buster Posey – Fractured Fibula

10. Tyrone Prothro – Compound Fracture

9. Willis Mcgahee – Torn ACL, PCL, and MCL

8. Richard Zednik – Slit Throat

7. David Busst – Compound Fracture to Tibia and Fibia in Leg

6. Jessica Dube – Facial Cut

5. Terrell Middlebrooks – Broken Leg

4. Salim Sdiri – Stabbing

3. Anderson Silva – Broken Leg

2. Clint Malarchuk – Slit Throat

1. Kevin Ware – Compound Fracture

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