‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Is Back, Kate Hansen Dancing On ‘Today’ & Canada Crack Pipes



If you’re 30-plus, you’ll probably want to catch the early Syracuse-Pitt game at 7 on ESPN. If you’re under 30, you’ll probably be able to stay up for the Heat-Warriors game that starts at 10:30 EST. Or, if you’re 55-plus, you’ll want to catch the first two hours of tape delayed Olympics action and then call it a night.

Yep, ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah has new sex tape

Jack Nicklaus’ realtor is Playboy chick

Michael Sam dancing in gay bar

Luger Kate Hansen dances on ‘Today Show’

$75 for pieces of Syracuse nets from Duke game

Canada’s crack pipe vending machines

Katrina Bowden. Legs. All day.

Irina Shayk on another beach

NBA Dunk Contest Winner Video of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day

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