1992 Green Bay Press-Gazette: ‘Who’s Brett Favre?’



That’s the February 12, 1992 front page of the Green Bay Press-Gazette (from @JeffAshPG) telling the locals that the Packers had traded for a quarterback named Brett Favre. Things turned out pretty well with that trade.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel focused it’s February 11 coverage on how Packers GM Ron Wolf had targeted Favre, the Falcons third-string QB, since his first day working for the team.

Wolf said he had the trade in mind since Dec. 1, his first day on the job for the Packers. Before the game that afternoon between Green Bay and Atlanta in Atlanta, Wolf studied Favre from the sideline in warm-ups.

Then, over the last 2 1/2 months, Wolf weighed his many options. It was no coincidence that the trade was consummated Tuesday, one day after the quarterbacks in the draft this year worked out at the combine in Indianapolis.

In the end, Wolf decided that Favre had greater chances for success than David Klingler of Houston or any other quarterback in this draft, including UCLA underclassman Tommy Maddox, who failed to show at the combine. And he made the determination that the only way a team could be in position to draft Rick Mirer of Notre Dame next year would be to hold the first pick in the draft.

Klingler would go 4-20 in his career with the Bengals. Favre won 160 games for Green Bay.

As for how the Falcons handled the trade news, it was no big deal.

In Atlanta, coach Jerry Glanville saluted the trade but said, “You can’t help but like the kid, he’s a great kid to be around.”

Said vice president Ken Herock: “We traded a good prospect, but a player who might not have played for us several years, for what could turn into a guy who helps us right away. There’s nothing he did to disappoint us. This trade isn’t Brett’s fault. I don’t have any doubt he’s going to be a solid player in this league.”

22 years later:


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