U.S. Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Got Stuck In Sochi Elevator, Too


Johnny Quinn Sochi Elevator

If the universe is trying to tell Johnny Quinn something, he’s not listening.

Just two days after the U.S. bobsledder had to Hulk through a jammed door in a shower at the Olympic Village in Sochi, he got stuck in an elevator with teammate Nick Cunningham and U.S. bobsled/IndyCar engineer David Cripps.

The men relayed word of their predicament to Twitter on Monday morning. You could almost hear the collective groan.

So, either every building/venue at Sochi is a sketchy deathtrap or Quinn is trying to brand himself as the unluckiest athlete ever.

If the U.S. team can’t get out of its bobsled after its first run, we’ll have our answer. The competition starts Sunday, Feb. 16.

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