Bill Belichick Tore Up A Cold Stone Creamery Last Night



Bill Belichick is such a simple man: Hoodies/fleece pullovers, jeans, cheap white Nikes like your dad wears and Cold Stone Creamery on a Sunday night in February.

There he is, analyzing the employees and how they pound the Reese’s Cups. His mental clock is keeping track of how long it takes to make a “Love it” vs. a “Like it” vs. a “Gotta Have It.”

Of course this is fascinating to me. Of course I wonder what he orders (guessing Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some).  Of course I wonder if he mumbles his order.

Have you served Bill Belichick at a Cold Stone, TGIFriday’s, Buffalo Wild Wings or some other establishment? Let us know what he’s like in the wild. Tell your story.

Picture 4

[from @court_hanlon77]


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