Adult Film Star Ava Devine Promises To Bang Cavs If They Make Playoffs



The Cleveland Cavs finally have something to play for this season. Porn star Ava Devine, in an interview with TMZ, promised to put out if the Cavs can get their shit together down the stretch.

“If [the Cav’s] make the playoffs … I will bang them all and bring a girlfriend,” Devine said.

She also wanted us to know, “I can handle them all by myself.”

So let’s look at the standings and see what the chances are that the star of Over Stuffed 12, My Friends Hot Mom 33 and Dark Meat 4 will be paying off this bet.

8th place Charlotte has a four-game lead on the 11th place Cavs. Looking at the remaining games on the schedule, Cleveland, 3-7 over its last 10, has a perfect opportunity to cash in on Devine’s (@xavadevinex) deal.  Look at the teams ahead of them in the standings: Detroit fired Mo Cheeks and the Knicks are a complete mess. Now the bad news: ESPN has the Cavs with a 1.6% chance of making the Eastern Conference playoffs.

It’s still unclear why Devine, a Long Island native who just turned 40, offered this deal to the Cavs and not the Knicks.

At this point, it’s really up to the Cavs to determine how bad they want Devine and that playoff check. It’s gut check time, boys.
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