Eddie Murphy’s Daughters Lingerie Shoot, Bieber Hockey & Kiffin Sells


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The Olympics get rolling tonight with ice skating, snowboarding and freestyle skiing. You’ll likely get a few Bob Costas interviews, a few Proctor & Gamble product placement segments and something that will make women cry. Or you can watch the Spurs at Nets on TNT.

Eddie Murphy’s daughters do lingerie shoot

Matt Harvey’s GF rocking this bikini at beach

WTF? A walk-off dunk to win a game!

Bieber looking like a douche in hockey gear

U.S. skier shows buttcrack for GQ

Lane Kiffin has sold his SoCal townhouse

Girls in Towels – Gallery!

HOLY S**T! Fabiana Semprebom

Not A Sochi Olympic Competition of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 1

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