Taylor Anderson Is Nik Stauskas’ Girlfriend




BC reader General Lee wrote to us tonight: “Katherine Webb ain’t got nothing on Michigan’s Nik stauskas gf @tayanderson11. Make @tayanderson11 famous. Cus that’s what @bustedcoverage does(.)”

I’m always game for a new, fresh girlfriend on the sports scene. Upon the first inspection of Taylor’s social media collection, we immediately pegged her as a game-changer. She has an easy name to remember. Fans hate her boyfriend. Michigan fans love her boyfriend. She looks good in a bikini. Blonde. She goes to games and gets on TV because she sits next to Nik’s mom.

Nik and Taylor love to pepper Instgram and Twitter with photo updates of their growing relationship. Did I mention she’s hot? Did I mention Stauskas is hated across the Big Ten?

We have the makings of a power couple. A Katherine Webb-AJ McCarron of college basketball. A conversation piece for CBS, ESPN, Fox Sports 1.

General Lee wants Taylor to be famous, so it’s time for her to be famous.

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