Gronk’s Rehab Schedule Included Beer Pong (?) At Providence College


Gronk Beer Pong

We missed Rob Gronkowski at the Super Bowl this year. No, literally, we just missed him at Penn Station on Saturday afternoon.

Some students at Providence College know how we feel: they missed Gronk playing pong at PC on Monday night (above).

Rob Gronkowski Playing Beer Pong In Suites On Campus, Students Complain About Being In Bed And Not Searching For Him

— PC News (@FriarNews) February 4, 2014

Rob Gronkowski is on campus and nobody is even talking about it?!

— Ted Bancroft (@tbancs22) February 4, 2014

Now, we don’t know that there was beer in those red Solo cups at which Gronk is aiming in the picture above, but it’s a college campus in the Northeast in the dead of winter. If it was anything but beer, applications to PC should drop dramatically.

Gronk’s PC trip comes on the heels of his Super Bowl weekend and in the middle of the All-Pro tight end’s rehab from knee surgery.

Like many NFL players whose teams were not playing in the Super Bowl, Gronk took in the spectacle of the Big Game in the nation’s largest city. He hung out with super agent Drew Rosenhaus and Shady McCoy at NFL Honors, stopped by the NFL House and was also at a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

Admit it: even injured, Gronk is living a better life than you.

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