Tiny Package Rangers Fan Takes Leak On Yankee Stadium Concourse


Rangers Fan Small I

This probably isn’t what the NHL had in mind for the Stadium Series.

Apparently during last night’s Rangers-Islanders game at Yankee Stadium, a frigid Rangers fan just decided to whip out his junk and take a piss on the concourse for all to see. NSFW version here.

Now, “whip out” might be a little strong for what Mr. Broadway Blueshirt was packing. He’s already been meme’d (below). Poor bastard.

It was cold, but still. Thoughts and prayers go out to his significant others past and present.

If it’s any consolation for this guy, the Rangers won 2-1.

Rangers Fan Meme

A lot of cold Rangers fans made it to the Bronx last night

Yes, that's my real name.
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