Super Bowl Snow Art, Bryant-Denny Dusting & Jerry Buss Bobblehead

Let's get this party started!!! Broncos all the way!! #winnner #WhosGonnaWin

— Joshua Graham (@Grambo36) January 29, 2014

A flash snowstorm hit many southern cities, most of which are unaccustomed to snow, just before the evening rush on Tuesday night. There were reports of folks camping at retail stores and kids forced to spend the night at school.

A three-inch snowfall caused delays of more than five hours in Atlanta. Yes, three inches and hours of waiting. People all over the South now know how Deanna Favre feels.

In places where a three-inch snowfall means you need a broom instead of a shovel, No. 7 Michigan St. beat No. 15 Iowa 71-69 in overtime.