NBD – Just Some Bros Ice Skating On The Streets Of Atlanta [VIDEO]

Did the NHL leave Atlanta too soon? Well, no, it’s not a big hockey town.

However, there are people in the city that know their way around the ice.

Check out the dude in the video above just skating along a street in Atlanta last night like it’s no big deal. The national storyline is that the entire city was shut down by a few inches of snow, but as you can see it was the ice that created the problem.

He wasn’t alone:

My mom just sent me these. Dude ice skating on streets of #atlanta. #SnowedOutAtlanta @bustedcoverage pic.twitter.com/aMeKLzGq5d

— Mike Tobin (@MikeTobin505) January 29, 2014

It was considerably worse where traffic compressed the snow and ice into a thicker, slicker surface:

UPDATE: Wednesday night’s Hawks-Pistons game in Atlanta has been postponed.

The Georgia Tech – North Carolina game set for McCamish Pavilion (7 p.m. EST on ESPN2) was still on as of 11:30 a.m. The Carolina team was forced to take the train and shoe leather to get to its hotel.

Last coach and staff arrived on foot to hotel at 145 am…nice little six block walk from train… thank goodness for MARTA!

— Carolina Basketball (@UNC_Basketball) January 29, 2014

Obviously, these conditions are a rarity in the South. The forecast calls for a thaw on Thursday.

[H/T: Carl Holt]