NBD – Just Some Bros Ice Skating On The Streets Of Atlanta [VIDEO]


Did the NHL leave Atlanta too soon? Well, no, it’s not a big hockey town.

However, there are people in the city that know their way around the ice.

Check out the dude in the video above just skating along a street in Atlanta last night like it’s no big deal. The national storyline is that the entire city was shut down by a few inches of snow, but as you can see it was the ice that created the problem.

He wasn’t alone:

It was considerably worse where traffic compressed the snow and ice into a thicker, slicker surface:

UPDATE: Wednesday night’s Hawks-Pistons game in Atlanta has been postponed.

The Georgia Tech – North Carolina game set for McCamish Pavilion (7 p.m. EST on ESPN2) was still on as of 11:30 a.m. The Carolina team was forced to take the train and shoe leather to get to its hotel.

Obviously, these conditions are a rarity in the South. The forecast calls for a thaw on Thursday.

[H/T: Carl Holt]

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