Rent Clyde Frazier’s Vacation Home In St. Croix [PHOTOS]

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Regardless of your age, if you’re an NBA fan, you should know who Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier is. The Basketball Hall of Famer-turned-Knicks broadcaster is a New York legend known as much for his sartorial panache as his on-court ability.

A man like Clyde Frazier doesn’t vacation at some dinky motel with an ice machine. Frazier has his own big honkin’ estate in St. Croix.

Clyde Frazier estate


Rent Clyde’s Vacation Home – Here!

Located just a few miles from the town of Christiansted in St. Croix, the Frazier’s Southgate estate has a main house and a sea view cottage. A pool house and a green house, each with kitchens and sitting areas, are also on the expansive grounds. Rates vary depending on when you intend to travel.

The money shot: it will be warm.

The average temperature is in the mid-80’s, usually with a continuous ocean breeze.

Other features
• Fishing
• Snorkeling
• Diving
• Golf
• Shopping and dining
• Casino at Divi Carina Bay

There aren’t a whole lot of Whole Foods or Starbucks on the island, so you’ll have to be content with relaxing in paradise.

[H/T: Inside Hook NY]

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