Rent Clyde Frazier's Vacation Home In St. Croix [PHOTOS]

Regardless of your age, if you’re an NBA fan, you should know who Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier is. The Basketball Hall of Famer-turned-Knicks broadcaster is a New York legend known as much for his sartorial panache as his on-court ability.
A man like Clyde Frazier doesn’t vacation at some dinky motel with an ice machine. Frazier has his own big honkin’ estate in St. Croix.


Rent Clyde’s Vacation Home – Here!

Located just a few miles from the town of Christiansted in St. Croix, the Frazier’s Southgate estate has a main house and a sea view cottage. A pool house and a green house, each with kitchens and sitting areas, are also on the expansive grounds. Rates vary depending on when you intend to travel.
The money shot: it will be warm.

The average temperature is in the mid-80’s, usually with a continuous ocean breeze.

Other features
• Fishing
• Snorkeling
• Diving
• Golf
• Shopping and dining
• Casino at Divi Carina Bay
There aren’t a whole lot of Whole Foods or Starbucks on the island, so you’ll have to be content with relaxing in paradise.

[H/T: Inside Hook NY]

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