14 Best Banned Super Bowl Ads Ever


Bud Light Swear Jar!

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Every year, regardless of how funny or how amazingly awesome it is, ads are rejected by the Super Bowl. At first, ad agencies worked hard at coming up with a theme and making a few ads along those lines. They hoped that all their commercials would get the green light from the NFL and the Super Bowl and most of them did.

But today, in the age of any press is good press, ad agencies have started making commercials that are set up to fail. They aren’t even trying to get a green light from the NFL, they know these are going to get the reject stamp.

They do, however, because people talk more about the banned ads today than ever before. And we have found the 35 best banned Super Bowl ads of all time. Enjoy.


14. Bud Light Apology Bot 3000 (2007)

13. GoDaddy.com Rude Beaver (2008)

12. GoDaddy.com Wardrobe Malfunction (2005)

11. Doritos Boys Night (2011)

10. GoDaddy.com Wet T-Shirt (2010)

9. Bud Light Apology Bot 3000 (2007)

8. Budweiser Instant Replay (2003)

7. AshleyMadison.com (2011)

6. Snickers Man Kiss (2009)

5. Bud light Bottle Opener (2006)

4. Bud Light Clothing Drive (2010)

3. Carl’s Jr. Kate Upton (2013)

2. PETA Veggie Love (2009)

1. Bud Light Swear Jar (2007)

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