I Can't Stop Watching UK Model Melinda Messenger's Skiing Crash Video

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz4l3l9tkRQ?rel=0]
Channel 4 in the UK is running a “reality” show right now where they take famous UK stars (think ‘Dancing With The Stars’) with no skiing experience and build a show out of them learning to ski. It’s called The Jump. Obviously, the best part is watching the famous people crash because that’s funny, right?
So up first is model Melinda Messenger.
She’s a former Page 3 model who doesn’t really have many talents, especially skiing.
How isn’t this show on U.S. television with U.S. personalities? Would I watch Warren Sapp try to learn how to ski? Yep. Would I watch Kareem ski? Yes I would. Fox should be all over this.


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