Super Bowl Sneaker Battle – Custom Seahawks' Nikes Or Bling Bling Broncos?

Sneakerheads rejoice: posts on both the Seattle and Denver Craigslist sites feature custom-decorated kicks for each city’s respective Super Bowl XLVIII team.
FWIW – neither pair of sneakers seems really functional for everyday life, but if you’re the type of person who collects limited edition sneakers, you’re used to that.
First, check out these Nike Air Force Ones autographed by long-time Seahawks’ kicker Norm Johnson.

The custom artwork was done by EyeKandy Studios in Marysville, Wash., which specializes in custom footwear including heels for Richard Sherman’s mom, Beverly. The CL seller wants $500 for the Johnson AF-1s.
Second, the Bling Bling Denver Broncos sneakers custom made in Cisco, Tex. The men’s variety is a slip-on Vans-style sneaker, while the women’s version is a lace-up. The price is a very affordable $40.

Our take: the Seahawks’ autographed kicks are the winner. EyeKandy just crushes it.
Check out more Seahawks and Broncos hand-painted sneakers and shoes from various sellers in the gallery below:

Spotted: Jerry Jones Scouting Talent At Senior Bowl Bar
Spotted: Jerry Jones Scouting Talent At Senior Bowl Bar
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