Seattle Teen Wears Broncos Jersey To Work, Eventually Gets Fired

This one from Seattle’s KING 5 can be a little confusing so let me paint a clear picture on why Nathanial Wentz was fired.
Nathan’s boss tells employees to wear their jerseys to work. Nathan wears his Broncos jersey. The boss tells him to go home and change out of his jersey. Nathan never comes back to work.
Nathan is fired the next day.
Look, was it wrong to not let Nathanial wear his Broncos jersey to some ridiculous job in a Seattle strip mall? Of course, it was NFC/AFC weekend.
Was it wrong to not return to work? Yep. Did the employer actually fire Nathanial for wearing a Broncos jersey? No.
The only solution here is for Nathanial to get his job back before Odyssey 1 gets drilled from the national media that’s going to run with this story by Thursday morning. Your move Odyssey 1.
Wentz, left.

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