2014 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders Bikini Photo Shoot In Hawaii [PHOTOS]

Have you made plans to watch the 2014 Pro Bowl yet? Well, you better get on that. It’s entirely new and different this year with alumni team captains Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders and a draft and new uniforms and…
Please. Even the NFL knows the Pro Bowl is a snooze-fest.
On the bright side, each NFL team has sent its best cheerleaders to Hawaii for the game. Because it’s Hawaii and the NFL knows what guys want, they immediately had the Pro Bowl cheerleaders get into bikinis for a photo shoot on Tuesday.
If someone captured video, and NBC works it into the Pro Bowl broadcast (7 p.m. EST on Sunday, Jan. 26), the game could actually be watchable.

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Stephanie Petronelli – The 'American Idol' Cheerleader [PHOTOS]
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