Nebraska’s Tim Miles Takes Hysterical Selfie After Beating Ohio State

Nebraska BB Coach Tim Miles Takes Hysterical Selfie With Fan After Win

Quick: name three Nebraska basketball players who went on to play in the NBA. Hell, name one. … You can’t. Maybe you pulled Tyronn Lue out of your ass. His most memorable moment was this, which tells you all about Nebraska’s basketball history.

Monday was a big night for the Nebraska basketball program. The Cornhuskers knocked off No. 17 Ohio State, 68-62, in Lincoln. Fans even stormed the court.

It was arguably one of the biggest regular-season victories in the history of the school, and Nebraska’s second-year head coach Tim Miles enjoyed every second of it. Check Miles out (above and below) taking a happy selfie with a fan after the game.

How about the security guard going full Kevlar? Relax, chief, it’s not Bo Pelini; Nebraskans don’t get homicidal over basketball.

Miles had reason to be happy. The victory snapped a five-game losing streak for the ‘Huskers, and the fans were pumped for something other than football for a change.

“I swear I’ve never stood in this building and thought we were going to lose a game so far,” Miles said.

Gotta love his energy. Let’s see if it’s still there when NCAA NIT CBI CollegeInsider.com bids are announced in March.

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