Kate Upton Football Vogue Photos, Prof Trashes Pageviews & .3 Buzzer Beater


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zzzzzzzzzzz….more fucking basketball.. The Heat get to beat up on the Celtics. I might just watch that game to play spot the Heat D-Bag. You know the guy: greased hair, tanned like a leather belt your dad wore for 20 years, gamer jersey, no t-shirt underneath. Sounds like a fun Tuesday night.

Kate Upton’s football Vogue photos

Peyton Manning pulled over in TN

Best of #NFLBoobs: Super Bowl

Cal Long Beach prof tries to roast E. Andrews

Manziel talking shit to Seattle

Dodger Stadium hockey rink time lapse

Emily Ratajkowski topless in old Datsun

Trust Me: Brooke Perry

.3 Buzzer Beater of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day

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