Nick Saban Doing Electric Slide

Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin had a huge recruiting weekend where both men showed they were human, capable of having some white-people fun, and they did it all for five-star recruits.
Lane did some “Sweet Home Alabama” karaoke.
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“I think if you’re new there, you have to do karaoke,” Ms. Scarbrough told 247Sports. “It’s kind of the theme with the new coaches. Everyone has to do a karaoke night. It was his turn and he kept on hiding. He told me, ‘I think I’ll go on ahead and do it, if you sing with me.’
“It made the night. It was the talk of the night.”

Oh, and look who Lane brought along to impress the recruits. Yep, Mark Sanchez with the greased hair. Message to the rest of the SEC: Lane Kiffin isn’t f-ing around. There will be recruiting blood.


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