Buy Daniel Carcillo's Hipster Haven Condo For $649K [PHOTOS]

Since the Chicago Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup in 2013, “Carbomb”, or as he’s affectionately known “Gorilla Salad”, left winger Daniel Carcillo has been traded twice and is now a distant memory in the Windy City.  And to make the past officially that, the past, he’s selling his 2500 sq. ft. Lincoln Park condo.
Over his nine-year career, he’s amassed just under $9 million, so he hasn’t quite reached massive “baller” status just yet.  His boring art studio of a home is perfect example.
Honestly, it’s nice, but certainly not something an ice-enforcer (324 PIM for Phoenix in 2007-08) should own.
Most likely, it would be better suited to someone like Andre of The League, who could host gorgeous and elegant wine tastings.  I mean the whole layout has some serious space for a lovely spread.  C’mon Carcillo.  Your nickname is “Gorilla Salad”.  Act like it.

Highlights of Daniel’s Dream Chicago Hipster Pad:

• Two Bedrooms; exposed beams; vaulted ceilings
• Three Bathrooms
• Private roof top you can use three months out of the year in tropical Chicago
Just .3 Miles Away From Overpriced Treasure Island Supermarket
3.4 Miles Away From Pink Monkey Strip Club
Asking: $649,000
Mortgage: Throwing 20%- Monthly of $2,639

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