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Tom Sestito Strikes Again – Ducks, Canucks Brawl In 9-1 Blowout [VIDEO]

There weren’t many bright spots for the Vancouver Canucks in their terrible 9-1 loss at Anaheim on Wednesday night. However, Tom Sestito and Jannik Hansen showed more fight in the clip above than the rest of the team did all night.

Trailing 7-1 late in the third period, the Canucks turned the puck over in front of their own net, but they prevented the Ducks from scoring an easy goal (for the moment). Sestito decided to keep clearing the zone with a cross-check after the whistle, and when Jackman stepped in to protest, Sestito cleared him out with a series of rapid strikes.

On the undercard, Vancouver’s Hansen clobbered Sami Vatanen further away from the goal. Both Canucks were sent off with misconducts immediately after the refs regained order.

Of course, Vancouver coach John Tortorella took this well.


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