‘Brady Wears Women’s Underwear’, Broncos Pets & Calipari Photobombed



It’s good to see Denver stepping up its shit-talking game. You can thank The Hornet Denver (@hornetdenver) for that marquee. It’s not like you’ll see something like this out of Seattle. Yeah, the fans are loud, but their off-field shit-talking is terrible.

I never even thought of this (from @RJinVegas):

Peyton Manning is only starting QB left that was NOT drafted by a baseball team

Meanwhile, in Vegas, guess how they plan to pay $239 million of the $390M it will take to build a downtown sports arena. Yep, a tax on downtown businesses, who will then pass that tax to you. All the white hairs from Muncie, Ind. and Dayton, OH who like to play at the Plaza are about to squeezed out of Vegas forever.

Another city about to be hoodwinked into building an arena with public money. Good luck with that barn in 15 years.

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