Spotted: Tony Romo At Dallas Irish Pubs Rehabbing Injured Back



And here we go again with Tony Romo. You might remember last weekend we showed you the Cowboys QB enjoying a late Saturday night at Dallas watering holes. Not even a week later, Romo and his bad back were at it again, this time reportedly at hotspot Idle Rich, a four-star Irish pub.

Via @JasonKnott4:

First time at a big time bar in Dallas, meet tony romo. Here we are. Enjoy.

Did you run into Romo at the bars? Have a story to share? Did Romo tell you a story we need to hear?

There were plenty of sightings:

Picture 1

This place is a 3.5-star Irish pub:

Picture 2

But, the back! How is it?

Picture 1

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