Chris Bosh Pays $3 Million For Lovely Condo At Ritz-Carlton Dallas

Chris Bosh has made $123,404,753 during his NBA career. Let that sink in for a moment. $123 MILLION! So you shouldn’t be shocked that the guy just dropped $3 million for a Dallas condo in the Ritz-Carlton.
Bosh, who went to high school in Dallas, now has this 3-bedroom, 4,200 sq. ft. luxury condo at his disposal when he needs to a place to stay when he’s not draining treys in Miami.
According to our friends at Realtor, the place also “contains a study, media room and a master suite with a palatial spa.”
Let’s not kid ourselves, dude is going to hang so much art in this place.

Real Highlights of Boshtrich’s New Dallas Pad:

2.5 miles from Whole Foods
15 miles from Rick’s Cabaret

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