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Anne V. Has Matt Harvey So Whipped Right Now [PHOTOS]

Remember last summer? There weren’t many guys who wouldn’t have traded a nut to be Matt Harvey, the handsome New York Mets pitching wunderkind who started the MLB All-Star Game and was dating gorgeous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Anne V.

Well, New Year’s Eve found Harvey trading in both of his nuts to hang out with Anne V and a Buddhist monk in Bangkok.

Did anyone tell Harvey about the club scene in Miami, Rio and other places? The monk will be in Bangkok after you retire, dude.

Harvey is probably¬† in no hurry to get back to the U.S. He’ll likely spend all of the 2014 season recovering from Tommy John surgery on his formerly zillion-dollar right arm.

FWIW, you could do worse than spending New Year’s Eve in Bangkok with a hot model. The sentiment is right on point.


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