Tre Mason Is Auburn’s New QB, Sammy Watkins=JFF & Mavs Puker

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Did you hear that all four NFL games are sellouts? No blackouts. Did you hear? Did you hear? NO BLACKOUT!

Holy shit, how about driving that down my throat a little more. Like I give a shit if someone in Green Bay can’t watch the Packers game on TV. Like I give a shit if someone in Cincy goes without seeing the Bengals in the playoffs. I’m actually going to the Bengals game so these whiny idiots sitting at home all warm and cozy should thank me for freezing my balls off.

Also want to congratulate the Ohio State Buckeyes for playing great defense against Clemson. You only gave up 5 TD passes to Boyd. Oh, and he had that rushing TD.

The good news here for Buckeyes fan is that they didn’t beat Michigan State to go to the BCS against Florida State.

From @RJinVegas:

Alex Smith’s record last 41 starts: 31-9-1 straight-up #Chiefs