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Katherine Webb Crying GIF, OK Red Cross Trolls Bama & ESPN Stage Collapse


The plan for tonight is simple: recliner, remote, maybe something to drink, the Cotton Bowl (8, EST) and the Orange Bowl (8:30). That’s right, Fox is going head-to-head with ESPN’s Orange Bowl broadcast. Gus Johnson gets the start for Fox.

GIF: Katherine Webb crying

ESPN stage collapses during Sugar celebration

MJ’s mansion back on market for $16M

OK Red Cross trolls Bama w/this tweet

Marcus Vick’s wild claim after DUI arrest

UFC 168 salaries – Silva made $_______

Demi Moore Mexican vacation bikini pics

Trust Me: Julie Pereira’s bikini game

Saban On Hot Seat Video of the Day (2:00 mark)

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 2

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