ESPN Will Turn Lindsey Duke Into Next Katherine Webb


Remember September 4, 2012 when I first told you about Lindsey Duke, girlfriend of Central Florida QB Blake Bortles? How far the two of them have come. Bortles plays tonight in the Fiesta Bowl on ESPN (8:37 EST) and Duke is about to become the Katherine Webb of 2014 thanks to ESPN.

You know Duke’s (@liindseyduke) story: Crazy body, abundant bikini photos and a boyfriend who is on his way to becoming a first-round draft pick.

I’ve only been telling the story since 2012.

Gene Wojciechowski got around to telling it today on GameDay. Video via CollegeSpun.

As for ESPN turning Duke into 2014s Katherine Webb, it makes total sense. You have a Fiesta Bowl that doesn’t have many storylines. You fix a camera on the tanned bikini model and show her name. And you do it early. Like second drive early. She starts trending, Twitter explodes and viewers stick with the game.

And how can’t you watch when you might get one of these?