ECHL Replacement Trophy Might’ve Broken At A Newfoundland Strip Club

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You guys might remember how I broke a major international hockey story about three weeks ago when the ECHL Kelly Cup made its debut on Fox Sports 1230 AM with my good friend Anthony Bellino. You know, the Friday Show. I show up weekly, try to mix it up a bit and see what happens. Anyway, that day we had Patrick Kelly on to talk about the cup with his name on it and Mr. Kelly let it fly — he felt totally comfortable talking to me about life — that the Cup wasn’t the legit Cup because Colorado wouldn’t return his cherished Cup.

It was a replacement Cup purchased like a couple months before the radio appearance and Mr. Kelly was distraught over all of it.  The situation broke his heart. Fast-forward a few days and Newfoundland beat Toledo in six games to win the replacement Cup. Now fast-forward to the Cup going partying in Newfoundland and it appears that The Newfoundland Boys broke Mr. Kelly’s new Cup and it might’ve all gone down at a Newfoundland strip club.

There are a couple of strip clubs in St. Johns, Newfoundland that just happen to be across from the arena where the Newfoundland Growlers play. Sirens or The Cotton Club could’ve been where the damage occurred. I know it’s hard to tell which strip club featured the broken Cup and it doesn’t really matter, but I’m sure there’s a decent story on how the cup broke off so maybe that will come out some day.

As for that stripper’s leg, it appears she may have taken a slash, but she’s stripping in Newfoundland so she’s tough as nails. Nbd.

Mr. Kelly telling me all about that cherished Cup of his: