Of Course Darin Erstad Benched One Of His Players For Pimping a Home Run


As someone who got to watch a good chunk of Darin Erstad’s career with the Angels, it is no surprise to me that he has turned into a no-nonsense skipper in his post-playing career. Ersty was one of those guys you would label a “grinder” (or “gamer”, “scrappy”, “hard-nosed”, etc.) back in the day — he played multiple positions, frequently got the jersey dirty by stealing bases/diving for balls, and formed the grittiest duo ever playing with David Eckstein.
Now he’s the head coach for the Nebraska baseball team, where he publicly shames his players for mild home run celebrations. Infielder Angelo Altavilla learned last Friday that he plays the game the wrong way after apparently doing too much following this home run against Indiana:

If you thought that catcher was pissed, just take a look at Ersty who had his hands on his waist like a disgusted father ready to break out the belt:
Poor Angelo. He was promptly yanked from the game but now knows he must put his head down and jog at an efficient speed the next time he does something decent.

Don’t ever do that again, OR ELSE…