Wade Boggs Drunk

Dec 20, 2012

Wade Boggs At The Oklahoma City Airport Bar At 3 P.M. On A Wednesday

Look at Wade Boggs lurking, seemingly jonesing for a cold one at the Oklahoma City airport. Chicken Man was in...

Dec 18, 2012

More Impressive: Wade Boggs Dancing At Thunder Game Or Singing Garth Brooks Song? [VIDEO]

One of BC’s all-time favorites made his way out of the woodwork last night in Oklahoma City. The Chicken Man...

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Jan 11, 2012

What Drunken MLB Hall Of Famer Crashed This Mexican Wedding? [PHOTOS]

Thanks to the superb research of @Sportsfeeder1 we learn of a certain MLB Hall of Famer who played in Boston and Tampa who happened to be in Mexico last week. And was supposedly drunk. And supposedly crashed some guy's wedding. It's all right there, documented on Twitter. You drunken MLB Hall of Famers are on notice. Twitter will out your asses. You crash a Mexican wedding party? Twitter will be there. Your drunken Hall of Famer - JUMP!