Twitter Wars

Jan 18, 2013

The Schoolyard: Chael Sonnen Wants Apology From Armstrong, MSU Basketball Beef & Deadspin Vs. Donald

You’ve been sitting around the house, eating greasy pizza, watching the NFL Network and avoiding your annoying girlfriend or wife....

Dec 26, 2011

Jerry Sandusky/J.J. Redick Twitter Post Had Dick Vitale Pissed On Christmas

Wow, who would've ever thought Dick Vitale would be embroiled in a Christmas Day Twitter war like he was in last night? What could possibly anger Dickie V. to the point of blocking a Twitter follower? Of course it was something so vulgar and disgusting to Duke fans around the world. Of course it involved J.J. Redick and a Jerry Sandusky reference. You want to get on Vitale's bad side? This is how it's done. Say Vitale was plowing Redick and it's on! JUMP!

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Oct 10, 2011

Erin Andrews & Sooners Fan Embroiled In Twitter WAR! [Tweets]

Busted Coverage has been to three ESPN GameDay live shows this season. And we've been behind the gates for all three. Yes, we've touched Erin Andrews. Shirt on shirt contact. Photos have been taken. There has been chitchat exchanged. In other words, she likes us. We're not idiots like Boomer Sooner fan at this weekend's Red River Shootout (yes, it was straight up murder). Toolbag @ryandavidreaves & EA went at it yesterday over an incident in Dallas. JUMP!