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Jan 9, 2013

27 NSFW Black Guys Angry Over Baseball Hall Of Fame Voting

News to us today was the fact that people still give a shit about the Baseball Hall of Fame, specifically...

Dec 28, 2012

19 Best NSFW Nets Haters Dropping F-Bomb Tweets On Loser Franchise

The Nets, sitting at the seven seed at 14-14, fired their head coach Avery Johnson yesterday. Avery’s son went nuts...

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Nov 7, 2012

24 Best NSFW Tweets From Black Guys Who Didn’t Vote For Mitt Romney

Black guys didn’t vote for Mitt Romney…well at least the ones we came across on Twitter. To put it bluntly,...

Oct 26, 2012

25 NSFW ‘Black Guys Breaking Down David Stern’s Retirement’ Tweets

The sports world was dealt a blow yesterday afternoon when David Stern announced his retirement. Black guys were especially shocked...

Oct 24, 2012

16 NSFW ‘Ozzie Guillen’s Commie Ass Got Fired’ Tweets

The inevitable firing of Ozzie Guillen happened yesterday. Allegedly while vacationing in Spain, Ozzie received a phone call from Marlins...

Jun 19, 2012

15 White People Wiggin’ Out Over Clemens Verdict On Twitter

Usually our daily Twitter post deals with some of the most outrageous, over-the-top responses from tweeters to the night's big sports story. We decided to switch it up and bring you 15 of the nerdiest, corniest white guys/gals reacting to the Roger Clemens not guilty verdict. If you can't tell by these tweets, the people were mad...but managed to contain themselves, avoiding f-bombs and keeping their hot tempers in check. Govt. corruption! Wasted tax dollars! Nerds! JUMP!