Tony Romo Soccer

Jan 10, 2013

Tony Romo’s Indoor Soccer Season Has Started [PHOTOS]

And so it begins. Tony Romo’s indoor soccer season got started this week at American Indoor Soccer in Carrollton, Texas...

Apr 3, 2012

Tony Romo Moves From Indoor To Outdoor Soccer Season [PHOTOS]

You might remember a couple weeks ago when BC told you that Tony Romo had been playing in a Monday night men's indoor soccer league. Word on the streets is that Romo moved to outdoor soccer competition over the weekend with a match at Premier Park, which hosts games for the North Texas Premier Soccer Association. That's right, he's playing in competitive, legit matches. So how'd the Cowboys QB perform? JUMP!

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Mar 13, 2012

Tony Romo Had An Indoor Soccer Game Last Night; 17-3 Victory [PHOTOS]

Guess we can now pencil in Tony Romo to be playing indoor soccer on Monday nights somewhere in Texas. Adjust your paparazzi schedule accordingly, fools. BC tipster Troy sent word that Tony was up to his normal offseason routine so we had our eyes open this morning for Tony ripping shots on some goalie who spends his days working in commercial real estate. Yep, Tony played soccer last night. JUMP!