Tim Tebow Tweets

Jul 12, 2012

24 NSFW Tim Tebow Didn’t Deserve An ESPY Hate Tweets

If you were one of the 50 or so people who watched the ESPYS last night, you may have witnessed one of the biggest jokes in the shows history. Tim Tebow won the "Best Moment" award for his touchdown pass in last years wild card playoff game against the Steelers. Great play? Obviously, Twitter freaks didn't let ESPN get away with this travesty. JUMP!

Jan 12, 2012

20 Best NSFW Tim Tebow & ESPN Tebow Hour Hate Tweets

Um, that ESPN Tebow Hour that went down today didn't exactly go over well with the unemployed and second-shifters who happened to be watching. The anger on Twitter centered on the need for ESPN to "suck tha d*ck" of Tebow more than they already do on an hourly basis. The Twitter grammar was bad, the anger was real and regular folks unloaded on yet more Tebow lust from the WWL. Kudos to those tweets that used 140 characters to catch our attention. JUMP!

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Nov 18, 2011

23 Greatest Tim Tebow F-Bomb Tweets After ‘The Drive’

In the old days of NASCAR you could tell who won on Sunday by what cars were selling on Monday. It's 2011 and we know how Tim Tebow won last night. You hear that cash register in Denver, Tampa, Colorado Springs, New York City? Yeah, that would be Baby Jesus jerseys flying off the rack. We also know that Tebow's street cred is skyrocketing by the number of black guys who've been converted. Folks, this phenomenon is just beginning. The Lord is 4-1. JUMP!

Oct 10, 2011

19 Greatest NSFW Tim Tebow Twitter Bombs Post Resurrection

For those of you forced yesterday to watch the Jets get manhandled by the Patriots and without the super-awesome NFL Red Zone channel, there was this incident in the NFL. It was the resurrection of Tim Tebow. He's back. He's trending on Twitter. Will He start next week? Will John Fox be forced to start Him? Never before in the history of this league has a third-string QB caused this much commotion. After the jump, the NSFW hate speech from Week 5. JUMP!