Tim Tebow ESPYs

Jul 12, 2012

24 NSFW Tim Tebow Didn’t Deserve An ESPY Hate Tweets

If you were one of the 50 or so people who watched the ESPYS last night, you may have witnessed one of the biggest jokes in the shows history. Tim Tebow won the "Best Moment" award for his touchdown pass in last years wild card playoff game against the Steelers. Great play? Obviously, Twitter freaks didn't let ESPN get away with this travesty. JUMP!

Jul 14, 2011

ESPY Ladies: Serena Williams, Brooklyn Decker & Justin Bieber [30 Photos]

In case you are like us and refuse to watch award shows between Memorial Day and Labor Day we are here this morning for your hot chick photo roundup. You guys demand it and this really isn't a bad job on a Thursday morning. The highlights: Serena Williams in her porn-ish BangBros.com secretary outfit and Selena Gomez bringing her girlfriend along for the fun. 30 photos of the fun should be more than enough to get recapped - JUMP!

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Jul 12, 2011

ALERT! Tim Tebow Spotted In L.A. Wearing Fedora To ESPYs Party [Photo]

Just keeping our female readership, who totally lose 'it' when a photo of Tebow's veins popping out of a v-neck, happy this morning. Your boy is in L.A. this week for the ESPYs and the big news, via our Twitter sources, is that Hulk has officially caught the Fedora Fever. Adjust your schedules accordingly, jersey chasers, Timmy will be in Tahoe on Thursday to compete in the American Century Golf Championship. More of Tebow's fedora - JUMP!