Tebow Twitter

Oct 9, 2012

21 NSFW Angry New Yorker F-Bomb Tweets For Tebow, Sanchez & A-Rod

“Plz don’t make excuses for this f*ck nigga sanchez”…or in other words, New Yorkers were not happy with how their...

Jul 16, 2012

Miss South Carolina Tebows On Stage After Winning Her Crown

The Summer of Tebow rolls on. Friday we showed you some bro surfing/Tebowing simultaneously, now we have Miss Teen South Carolina Tebowing on stage. Usually, BC is totally okay with models, strippers...any babes really, Tebowing. Not because of the Tebowing, just the fact that its a hot girl. Can't get mad at 'em, but for whatever reason, this instance is just leaving a sour taste in our mouth. JUMP!

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Jul 14, 2012

Summer Of Tebow Coming To A City Near You [MOMENT OF TEBOW]

The summer of Tebow is officially underway. While #15 is off in sunny California enjoying himself, canoodling and eating sushi with Sanchez and Santonio, youths across the globe are Tebowing in his honor. Also in today's Moment of Tebow, a young child from a far-away country has picked up on the Tebowing phenomenon, stretching his legend even further than we could have imagined. JUMP!

Jan 12, 2012

20 Best NSFW Tim Tebow & ESPN Tebow Hour Hate Tweets

Um, that ESPN Tebow Hour that went down today didn't exactly go over well with the unemployed and second-shifters who happened to be watching. The anger on Twitter centered on the need for ESPN to "suck tha d*ck" of Tebow more than they already do on an hourly basis. The Twitter grammar was bad, the anger was real and regular folks unloaded on yet more Tebow lust from the WWL. Kudos to those tweets that used 140 characters to catch our attention. JUMP!