Strippers Tebowing

Aug 2, 2012

Webcam Chick Brianna Frost Gets Naked and Tebows [PHOTOS]

The Internet has been wigging out this week over Tebow working out shirtless at training camp. Obviously we didn't feel the need to report on that because we only give you the best of the best Tebow related content. This falls into that category. We give you webcam model Brianna Frost and her naked Tebowing photo. Sure, its nice seeing a group of strippers Tebowing, but this takes the cake. Wonder what Timmy thinks of this photo? Would he even look at it? JUMP!

Jun 15, 2012

Moment Of Tebow: Strippers Tebowing World Record & Baby Jesus To Deliver Father’s Day Sermon

Here we figured Tebowing was over, left to whitey church groups who can't stop worshipping their savior. Nope, it's still around and BC found what we think is the largest gathering of strippers Tebowing in Tebowing history. We don't waste your time with one stripper Tebowing. That's completely worthless. Let's just declare this a new record. Time to step up your games, strippers. Jump!

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Apr 5, 2012

Rick’s Strippers Tebowing In Those Illegal Reebok Tebow Jerseys! [PHOTOS]

Everyone can relax, Nike lawyers aren't stopping in at Rick's NYC to confiscate this Tim Tebow #15 Reebok jersey. You might remember how Nike filed a cease and desist (or whatever you want to call it) against Reebok. A judge yesterday ruled the ban will remain. Anyway, our good friend Lonnie Hanover hit another PR home run by locating one of the Reebok jerseys and getting the ladies of Rick's on a couch for a shoot. Tebow's gonna love this. JUMP!