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Steve Nash Threatens Twitter Troll to Temecula Showdown

Steve Nash’s body may not be able to take the pounding of an NBA season anymore, but he can still dish it out with the best of them … on Twitter. The 41-year-old took a spiteful Lakers fan to the...

Feb 24, 2015

Steve Nash Enjoying Retirement (and His Birthday) in Las Vegas

If Lakers coach Byron Scott was trying to ring Steve Nash over the weekend weekend, we know why the Canadian wasn’t answering—it was his goddamn birthday! Yes, the two-time MVP turned 41-years-old on Saturday and took to Sin City to...

Feb 9, 2015


Jan 9, 2013

Nice Assist! Steve Nash Dishes Armpit Sweat Towel To Metta World Peace [VIDEO]

[youtube=] What’s the best assist in Steve Nash’s career? This one from last night in Houston during the Lakers 125-112 loss. Even on a milestone night where he eclipsed the 10,000 career assist mark, the magician pulled a fast one...

Nov 1, 2012

17 Best NSFW Black Guys Jumping Off The Steve Nash Bandwagon Tweets

Steve Nash has a bruised leg, the Lakers are 0-2 after losing last night to Portland and the projected 82-0 perfect season is just a memory.  You know what this means? Black guys on Twitter officially lost their minds last...

Jul 14, 2012

Lakers’ Fans Hand Steve Nash Keystone Light While Driving [VIDEO]

Steve Nash of the Los Angeles Lakers just had some fans pass him some Keystone Light while he was driving in LA. He seemed to love it so much he posted it on TwitVid. He even said "the fans have been pretty good so far". These fans are going to love Nash until he misses a game winning shot but in all likeliness, Nash will stay clutch as usual. The Lakers look like a team to be reckoned with next year with their recent acquisitions. Video after the JUMP!

Jun 26, 2012

Steve Nash Talks About His Old Frosted Tips At Samsung Galaxy Event [INTERVIEW]

Last week the fine folks at Samsung invited us to one of their NYC soirees for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It just happened that in attendance were Steve Nash, Walt Frazier, Bill Walton, Kevin Love and Steph Curry. Of course the name that stuck out to us was Nash because we've been jonesing to interview this guy about his days with the frosted tips and if he had better hair than Dirk Nowitzki. Oh, we also asked Clyde Frazier about his suits. Fun was had by all - JUMP!