Ryan Tannehill Wife

Dec 31, 2013

Lauren Tannehill Needs To Eat A Burger [PHOTOS]

Somehow, the Miami Dolphins blew their chance at clinching the last AFC playoff spot. Needing only one victory to capture...

Dec 10, 2013

Did Lauren Tannehill Ask Santa For A Playoff Spot For Miami? [PHOTO]

Lauren Tannehill is leaving nothing to chance. Last weekend, the wife of Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill found a guy who...

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Aug 29, 2012

Is Lauren Tannehill Checking Out This Reporter’s Cans? [PHOTOS, RECAP]

Episode 4 of Hard Knocks aired last night and once again the WAGs stole the show. Lauren Tannehill and Jackie Long were doing their thing for some charity, typical WAG work. Then this caught our eye...was Lauren Tannehill checking out the reporters cans?! Can it be? In other WAG news, we saw the debut of Kristian Fong, Mike Pouncey's girlfriend. Oh, and Les Brown's girlfriend stole the show...again. JUMP!

Aug 7, 2012

Here’s Lauren Tannehill’s Hard Knocks Debut

For those who thought the Miami Dolphins would be a boring choice for this season's Hard Knocks, those worries can be erased. You got Lauren Tannehill wearing her cute white watch and Chad Johnson telling the HBO crew that "If you pause Call of Duty for somebody (a woman), that's the f*ckin one." Oh, and Matt Moore's wife, Tara, makes her television debut. Is she in Lauren's world of worship? Not really but it's good TV. JUMP!

May 29, 2012

YES, Lauren Tannehill & The Dolphins Will Be On Hard Knocks!!! Guns In The Air!

BEST. HBO. NEWS. EVER. If there was ever a year to put the Miami Dolphins on Hard Knocks, 2012 makes perfect sense. New coach. New offense. New QB. Hottest new NFL WAG to come along since Gisele. That's right, in case you morons have been sleeping under a rock you already knew that Ryan Tannehill's wife, Lauren, doesn't mind modeling a bikini or shooting a gun. This will be must-see TV. JUMP!

May 8, 2012

Pretty Sure This Is The ReTweet Where Lauren Tannehill Leaves Her Husband For A Loser Sports Blogger

Lauren Tannehill is obviously tired of her new boring, hot NFL quarterback husband. She went on a RT spree this morning so we threw out the fishing line to see if she was in the mood to bite. Um, you see what happened. This RT obviously means she gets our humor (SCORE!) and isn't freaked out by our fascination with her boobs via those galleries we've been running (SCORE #2!). GALLERY - JUMP!

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Apr 26, 2012

Ryan Tannehill’s Model Wife Lauren Will Become A Star At NFL Draft [PHOTOS]

You already know where Andrew Luck will be drafted. And RGIII. Don't bother worrying about watching the ESPN coverage until the Vikings are on the clock at #3. Then the drama begins. Do the Browns reach for a QB with the #4 pick? Is Ryan Tannenhill their guy over Trent Richardson? Or does the former A&M WR/QB end up picked #8 by the Dolphins? Such drama. Meanwhile, Tannehill & his wife are blowing off steam by popping off some rounds. JUMP!