Ryan Lochte

Aug 21, 2016

Lochte's New Hair, Von Miller's New Nickname & Potentially The Next Katherine Webb In The SEC

  Nobody is betting on the Olympics in Vegas These Olympics are the first games you can bet on since 2000 in Sydney and apparently nobody wants to put any money down. If you think about it logically it makes...

Aug 20, 2016

Kayla Rae Reid Responds To The Haters On Ryan Lochte's Controversy

It looks like we’re finally getting some closure on this dumbass Ryan Lochte story that has taken over the world the past week. We have actual facts about what happened, video evidence, and Brazil is going to let our American...

Aug 14, 2016

Ryan Lochte's Taxi Was Reportedly Robbed At Gun Point In Rio

This story has been fluid all morning with different reports coming out and people denying things, but it looks like we have some details to what happened. Apparently last night/early this morning a taxi that Ryan Lochte was in that...