Apr 25, 2012

Let’s See MLB Block This #RangersRack From @RangersGirl36 [PHOTOS]

It's going to be one of those days around here. We're pissed off at MLB and have decided to push the envelope. The MLB goons don't want you watching :40 videos of off-the-field action so we'll go a different route and show you what @RangersGirl36 sent us last night. Yet another #RangersRack submission. That's right, MLB, we're promoting your asses via boobs. You know what gets more buzz than that stupid show with Kevin Millar? Boobs. JUMP!

Apr 18, 2012

#RangersRack Contestant Sara Buys New Rangers Shirt [PHOTO]

Is there anything more embarrassing for a #RangersRack participant than wearing a C.J. Wilson shirt in her rack photos? Ask Sara (@RangersGirl36) who appeared on BC earlier this week in her Wilson shirt and was promptly ridiculed by fellow Rangers fans who have turned the page on the lefty. So embarrassed, Sara went out today and picked up a new shirt she wanted to show you guys. Approve or disapprove? Full photo - JUMP!

Apr 16, 2012

@RangersGirl36 Sent Us The Designated Kisser #RangersRack [PHOTOS]

Sara sent us an email this afternoon re: #RangersRack. "Scuuba_Steve on Twitter said that you boys were on a mission! I know it's not TV coverage, but he recommended I send this to you anyway!" You know how we know this #RangersRack series is going to be huge? It's only April & some guy named Scuuba_Steve is sending ladies our way. That's power, folks. Relax, fellas, it's a Victoria's Secret Rangers shirt. BC approved for #RangersRack - JUMP!

We’re Calling Today’s #RangersRack The TatRack

You guys act like out of 80 some Rangers games you're going to get an insane #RangersRack on a daily basis. Isn't going to happen, assholes. There are days when we have to go with TatRack. She's not pregnant, just a professional beer slammer. Just look at that one button begging to be unleashed. Thing just blasts off and takes out Jim Knox's eyeball. Time for some of you to step up for this #RangersRack project. Mail 'em in: [email protected]

Apr 12, 2012

Melinda Sent Us Some Special #RangersRack Photos To Peruse

This #RangersRack project could be one of the greatest ideas in Busted Coverage history besides sending Kevin The Intern to the AVN porn convention for his Purdue graduation gift. Should have seen that guy's face. Priceless. Anyway, our old friend @Model_Barefoot is a Rangers fan and wanted to show off some mirror pics she snapped off this evening. Name another site doing sh*t like this in April. 162 games & we're busting out these pics 5 games in. JUMP!

Apr 11, 2012

Ladies, We’re Starting Our #RangersRack Project – Tonight

Our fascination with Texas Rangers fans became a 'thing' tonight here at BC HQ. A Fox cameraman was acting as if he was interested in what this kid was playing with on the Rangers dugout, but we know his real intention was to show off this Rangers mom rack. Some of the best racks in Major League baseball and the perfect weather throughout the year to show off those masterpieces. We need your help. See a #RangersRack? Send pics: [email protected]

Apr 10, 2012