Purdue Boilermakers

Jul 6, 2015

Check Out This Purdue Tailgate Bus — $3,990

There hasn’t been a Purdue Boilermakers tailgate posted on BC since Kevin the Intern listed his creeper van on eBay...

Oct 20, 2012

Kevin The Intern Boilering Up On Purdue’s Sideline During OSU Game [GIF]

Grave things are at stake as Purdue blew a lead at Ohio State and got dragged into overtime, but Purdue’s...

Dec 27, 2011

Name These Three Effeminate WMU Bros [Photos]

The Little Caesars bowl kicked off tonight and 3 bros decided to show up and wear the least manly of outfits. The Western Michigan Broncos and the Purdue Boilermakers faced off against each other. Also, the Broncos threw one of the sweetest flea flickers for a Touchdown. Robert Marve, the transfer from the Miami Hurricanes, actually came into the game. He must have had some time off from getting drunk, taking illegal benefits, and shagging co-eds.  JUMP!