Professional Athlete Houses

Oct 10, 2012

Buy Eddie Murray’s SoCal Crib For $5M; Home Arcade & 13K Sq. Ft.! [35 PHOTOS]

Why Eddie Murray is selling this house is beyond us. This place is the ultimate bachelor pad, complete with a...

Oct 9, 2012

Ex-Tennessee Coach Bruce Pearl Selling Knoxville Mansion For $2.4M; Water Slide! [24 PHOTOS]

Remember Bruce Pearl? The fat guy who used to coach Tennessee basketball in the hideous orange blazer? Well since being...

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Oct 4, 2012

Buy Reggie Sanders’ Myrtle Beach Condo For $1.3 Million [25 PHOTOS]

A quick Google search reveals that Reggie Sanders made just shy of $42,000,000 during his baseball career that ended in 2007. The guy never had 100-plus RBI in a single season and still pulled down that kind of f-you money. Anyway, Reg is selling his Myrtle Beach condo and could really use a buyer. In the market for an oceanfront pad to impress the ladies? Tired of your timeshare? Step up and buy one outright. JUMP!

Oct 3, 2012

‘Broke’ Curt Schilling Selling Massachusetts House For $3.45M; 26 Acres! [PHOTOS]

You might have noticed Curt Schilling - an ESPN employee - on last night's documentary 'Broke' from the 30 for 30 series. Curt talked about athletes, money and troubles. Ironically, it came out yesterday that Curt is trying to sell his $3.45 million Massachusetts house. It was probably just a coincidence. Anyway, Schilling, who made more than $114 million in his baseball career, is having trouble with money these days. JUMP!