Pete Rose Tat

Dec 10, 2012

Pete Rose Now Showing Off His Reds Tattoo At Card Shows

You remember the post we did on Pete Rose getting a Mr. Red tattoo a couple months ago? Of course...

Oct 11, 2012

Exclusive: Pete Rose Gets Reds’ Mascot Tattoo Day Before NLDS Collapse [PHOTOS]

What did 71-year-old Pete Rose do on Monday as the Cincinnati Reds were resting, up 2-0 on the Giants in...

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May 23, 2012

Is This The Best Pete Rose Sliding Head First Into Third Tattoo You’ve Ever Seen?

Game over. Say hello to the best Pete Rose sliding head first into third tattoo we've ever seen. Just happened to be researching a Rose piece and came across this gem that was uploaded to Twitter a couple weeks ago. Of course the ink deserves special attention because we can't find another leg with a Pete Rose belly flop. Still efforting photographer @Beahrs_5 to figure out what guy should be congratulate for this piece of history. JUMP!